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Tri-State is your direct source for all your linen and equipment rental needs. Providing a direct link between the manufacturer and you, our valued customer, we offer hundreds of high quality products at the best prices in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. We have the perfect linens for any type of restaurant, hotel, country club, church, weddings or banquet festivities

Tri-State Linens & Event Rental is located in Beltsville, Maryland in a 20,000 square feet warehouse. Founded in 2006, we provide the special event and catering industries with the highest quality of products and services at the best rates!

We have the ability to deliver to the metropolitan Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. We offer around the clock delivery service.
18 inch Silver Candelabra
22 inch Silver Candelabra
3 Gallon Stainless Punch Bowl Rentals
3' x 3' Dance Floor
36" Empire Column (pair)
4 Foot Round Table
4' x 4' Wood Color Dance Floor
48" Empire Column (pair)
5 Foot Round Table
6 Foot Rectangular Table
6 Foot Round Table
72" Empire Column (pair)
8 Foot Rectangular Table
All Purpose Wine Glass 10 oz
Apple Green Bengaline Linen
Apple Green Bengaline Napkin
Apple Green Pintuck Napkin
Arthur Damask Table Linen
Atrium Lily
Baja Turqoise
Baja Violet
Bed Linens
Beige Damask
Beige Polyester Napkin
Bengaline Hot Pink Napkin
Bengaline Hot Pink Napkin
Bengaline Hot Pink Tablecloth
Bengaline Napkin Color Choice: Page 2
Bengaline Napkin Color Choices: Page 1
Bengaline Napkins
Bengaline Sashes
Bengaline Table Linen Color Choices: Page 1
Bengaline Table Linen Color Choices: Page 2
Bengaline Table Linens
Bird of Paradise
Bishop's Mitre
Black Bengaline Napkin
Black Bengaline Sash
Black Napkin
Black Pintuck Napkin
Black Pintuck Table Linen
Black Polyester Tablecloth
Black Satin Napkin
Black Satin Sash
Black Satin Table Linen
Black Stripe Satin Table Linen
Black White Square Pattern
Black--Table Linen
Blue Bengaline Table Linen
Blue Brown Square Pattern
Blue Satin Table Linen
Blue Tinted Martini Glass 10oz
Brown Bengaline Napkin
Brown Bengaline Table Linen
Brown Blue Square Pattern
Brown Pattern
Brown Pink Square Pattern
Brown Pintuck Napkin
Brown Polyester Napkin
Brown Satin Napkin
Brown Satin Table Linen
Brown with White Flowers
Burgunday Satin Napkin Rental
Burgundy Pintuck Napkin
Burgundy Polyester Linen
Burgundy Polyester Napkin
Burgundy Satin Table Linen
Burgundy Stripe Satin Table Linen
Burnt Orange Satin Napkin
Burnt Orange Table Linen
Butterscotch Bengaline Linen
Butterscotch Bengaline Napkin
Candleabras Rentals
Cappuccino Satin Napkin
Cappuccino Satin Table Linen
Cardinal's Hat
Chafing Dishes
Chair Cover Banquet Polyester Black
Chair Cover Photo 1
Chair Cover Photo 10
Chair Cover Photo 11
Chair Cover Photo 12
Chair Cover Photo 2
Chair Cover Photo 3
Chair Cover Photo 4
Chair Cover Photo 5
Chair Cover Photo 6
Chair Cover Photo 7
Chair Cover Photo 8
Chair Cover Photo 9
Chair Cover Photos
Chair Cover Satin White
Chair Covers
Chair Rentals
Chair Sashes
Champagne Flute
Champagne Satin Table Linen
Charcoal Polyester Napkin
China Rental
Chocolate Polyester Linen
Chocolate Rings
Chocolate Satin Table Linen
Cloth Napkins
Clown's Hat
Cocktail Table 30" Round x 42" High
Coffee Maker & Server 36 cup Rental
Coffee Urn Rental
Color Choices
Contact Us
Corporate Events, Balls, and Socials
CranApple Bengaline Napkin
Cranberry Bengaline Linen
Cranberry Satin Napkin
Cranberry Satin Table Linen
Creative Tabletop Designs
Custom Inspirations
Customer Testimonials
Cut Glass All Purpose Goblet 10oz
Cut Glass Champagne Glass - Coupe Style
Cut Glass Low Ball
Cut Glass Wine Glass 8oz
Damask Linens
Damask Napkins
Dark Brown
Dark Green Satin Napkin
Dark Green Satin Overlay
Dark Green Satin Table Linen
Dark Green Stripe
Dark Spruce Green Polyester Linen
Employment Opportunity
Equipment Rental Information
Event photo 1
Event Photo 1
Event Planning
Event Rentals
Fire Orange Pintuck
Fire Orange Pintuck Napkin
Flatware Rental
Frequently Asked Questions
Fuschia Organza Overlay
Fuschia Satin Napkin
Fuschia Satin Overlay
Fuschia Satin Table Linen
Goblet Fan
Gold and Lime Stripe
Gold Bengaline Linen
Gold Bengaline Napkin
Gold Chavairi Chair with Cushion
Gold Organza Overlay
Gold Pattern
Gold Pintuck
Gold Pintuck Napkin
Gold Polyester Linen
Gold Polyester Napkin
Gold Premium Flatware
Gold Rim Coffee Cup & Saucer Set
Gold Rim Coffee Cup with Saucer
Gold Rim Glasses
Gold Satin Napkin
Gold Satin Overlay
Gold Satin Table Linen Rental
Green and White Square Pattern
Green Tinted Martini Glass 10oz
Green with Blue Squares Pattern
Hazel Damask
High Ball Glass
Holiday Stripe
Hot Canary Bengaline Napkin Rental
Hot Pink Satin Napkin Rental
Hot Pink Satin Table Linen
Hunter Bengaline Napkin Rental
Hunter Bengaline Table Linen
Hunter Polyester Napkin
Iced Tea Glass
Iris Bengaline Linen
Iris Bengaline Napkin
Ivory Damask
Ivory Organza Overlay
Ivory Pintuck
Ivory Pintuck Napkin
Ivory Satin Napkin
Ivory Satin Overlay
Ivory Satin Table Linen
Ivory Stripe Satin Table Linen
Ivory with Gold Rim Plate Set
Kelly Polyester Linen
Kelly Polyester Napkin Rental
Laundry Services
Lavender Organza Overlay
Lavender Polyester Linen
Lavender Polyester Napkin
Lavender Satin Napkin Rental
Lavender Satin Overlay
Lavender Satin Table Linen
Light Blue Organza Overlay
Light Blue Polyester Linen
Light Blue Polyester Napkin
Light Blue Satin Napkin
Light Blue Satin Overlay
Light Blue Satin Table Linen
Light Gold Satin Napkin
Light Gold Satin Table Linen
Light Green Satin Napkin
Light Green Satin Table Linen Rental
Light Grey Polyester Napkin
Light Pink Polyester Napkin
Light Seige Satin Napkin
Light Seige Satin Table Linen
Lime Polyester Linen Rental
Lime Satin Napkin
Lime Satin Table Linen
Low Ball Glass 8oz
Mango Bengaline Linen
Mango Bengaline Napkin
Martini Glass Clear 10oz
Mattress Pads
Mauve Organza Overlay
Mauve Satin Napkin
Mauve Satin Overlay
Mauve Satin Table Linen
Merlot Bengaline Napkin
Merlot Bengaline Table Linen
Midnight Navy Polyester Napkin
Mint Polyester Linen
Mint Polyester Napkin
Mocha Satin Napkin Rental
Mocha Satin Table Linen Rental
Montreal Linen
Moss Pintuck Napkin
Moss Pintuck Table Linen
Mystique Satin Napkin Color Choices: Page 1
Mystique Satin Napkin Color Choices: Page 2
Mystique Satin Napkin Color Choices: Page 3
Mystique Satin Napkin Color Choices: Page 4
Napkin Folding Techniques
Navy Bengaline Napkin
Navy Blue Bengaline Linen
Navy Blue Organza Overlay
Navy Blue Satin Overlay
Navy Blue Satin Table Linen Rental
Navy Polyester Linen
Navy Polyester Napkin
Navy Satin Napkin
Nu Mink
Olive Bengaline Linen
Olive Bengaline Napkin
Olive Satin Napkin
Olive Satin Table Linen
Orange Bengaline Linen Rental
Orange Bengaline Napkin Rental
Orange Organza Overlay
Orange Polyester Linen Rental
Orange Polyester Napkin
Orange Satin Napkin Rental
Orange Satin Table Linen
Orchard Table Linen
Organza Napkin Color Choices
Organza Napkins
Organza Overlay Apple Green
Organza Overlays
Organza Sashes
Organza Table Linen Color Choices
Overlay Organza Black
Overlay Organza Brown
Overlay Satin Apple Green
Overlay Satin Black
Overlay Satin Brown
Overlay Satin Burgundy
Overlay Satin Champagne
Pastel Pink Satin Napkin
Pastel Pink Satin Table Linen
Pea Green Bengaline Linen
Pea Green Bengaline Napkin
Peach Polyester Napkin Rental
Pearl Damask
Pecan Bengaline Napkin
Pecan Bengaline Table Linen
Pecan Polyester Napkin
Periwinkle Satin Overlay
Pillow Cases
Pillow Protectors
Pink Organza Overlay
Pink Polyester Napkin Rental
Pink Satin Overlay
Pintuck Apple Green
Pintuck Brown
Pintuck Burgundy
Pintuck Hot Pink Tablecloth
Pintuck Napkin Color Choices
Pintuck Napkins
Pintuck Table Linen Color Choices
Plum Organza Overlay
Polyester Napkin Color Choices
Polyester Napkins
Polyester Table Linen Color Choices
Purple and Black Satin Stripe
Purple Bengaline Napkin
Purple Bengaline Sash
Purple Bengaline Table Linen Rental
Purple Organza Overlay
Purple Polyester Napkin
Purple Polyester Napkin Rental
Purple Satin Napkin Rental
Purple Satin Overlay
Purple Satin Table Linen
Radiance Shimmer Amethyst Napkin
Radiance Shimmer Amethyst Tablecloth
Raspberry Polyester Linen
Raspberry Polyester Napkin Rental
Red and Black Satin Stripe
Red and White Square Patern
Red Bengaline Napkin
Red Bengaline Table Linen
Red Green Gold Pattern
Red Green Pattern
Red Organza Overlay
Red Pintuck
Red Pintuck Napkin
Red Polyester Napkin Rental
Red Polyester Table Linen
Red Satin Napkin Rental
Red Satin Overlay
Red Satin Table Linen
Red Stripe
Regal Gold Plate Set
Rentable Centerpieces
Rentable Mobile Stage
Rental Barstools
Rental Columns
Rental Dance Floors
Request Estimate
Riviera Blue
Roll-Top Rectangular Chafer
Roll-Top Stainless Round Chafer
Royal Blue Organza Overlay
Royal Blue Polyester Napkin
Royal Blue Satin Overlay
Royal Pintuck
Royal Pintuck Napkin
Royal Polyester Napkin
Royal Satin Napkin
Sage Green Satin Overlay
Sand Bengaline Linen
Sand Bengaline Napkin
Sash Bengaline Apple Green
Sash Bengaline Beige
Sash Bengaline Brown
Sash Bengaline Burnt Orange
Sash Bengaline Gold
Sash Bengaline Grey
Sash Bengaline Hot Pink
Sash Bengaline Ivory
Sash Bengaline Mango
Sash Bengaline Navy
Sash Bengaline Pink
Sash Bengaline Red
Sash Bengaline Silver
Sash Bengaline Spruce
Sash Bengaline White
Sash Organza Apple Green
Sash Organza Black
Sash Organza Brown
Sash Organza Burgundy
Sash Organza Champagne
Sash Organza Gold
Sash Organza Hot Pink
Sash Organza Hunter Green
Sash Organza Ivory
Sash Organza Lavender
Sash Organza Light Blue
Sash Organza Light Green
Sash Organza Navy
Sash Organza Orange
Sash Organza Peach
Sash Organza Periwinkle
Sash Organza Pink
Sash Organza Purple
Sash Organza Red
Sash Organza Royal Blue
Sash Organza Silver
Sash Organza Turquoise
Sash Organza White
Sash Organza Yellow
Sash Satin Apple Green
Sash Satin Brown
Sash Satin Burgundy
Sash Satin Champagne
Sash Satin Gold
Sash Satin Hunter Green
Sash Satin Ivory
Sash Satin Lavender
Sash Satin Lemon
Sash Satin Light Blue
Sash Satin Navy
Sash Satin Peach
Sash Satin Periwinkle
Sash Satin Pink
Sash Satin Pumpkin
Sash Satin Purple
Sash Satin Red
Sash Satin Royal Blue
Sash Satin Sage
Sash Satin Silver
Sash Satin Turquoise
Sash Satin White
Satin Champagne Napkin
Satin Chocolate Napkin
Satin Color Choices: Page 1
Satin Color Choices: Page 2
Satin Color Choices: Page 3
Satin Color Choices: Page 4
Satin Napkins
Satin Overlays
Satin Sashes
Satins Bold
Setup Tips
Silver Chiavari Chair
Silver Flatware
Silver Organza Overlay
Silver Satin Napkin Rental
Silver Satin Overlay
Silver Satin Table Linen
Sizing Chart
Smoke Bengaline Linen
Smoke Bengaline Napkin
Spandex Chair Covers
Stage Skirting
Stainless Flatware Rental
Stainless Oval Chafer
Stainless Round Chafer
Stainless with Gold Accents Rectangular Chafer
Stemware Rental
Table & Chair Linen Rental
Table Linens
Table Linens For Round Tables
Table Rental
Table Runners
Table Setup Guide
Table Skirting
Tabletop Photo 1
Tabletop Photo 10
Tabletop Photo 11
Tabletop Photo 12
Tabletop Photo 13
Tabletop Photo 14
Tabletop Photo 2
Tabletop Photo 3
Tabletop Photo 4
Tabletop Photo 5
Tabletop Photo 6
Tabletop Photo 7
Tabletop Photo 8
Tabletop Photo 9
Tan Pattern
Tan Polyester Linen
Tan Polyester Napkin Rental
Tangerine Satin Napkin Rental
Tangerine Satin Table Linen Rental
Teal Bengaline Linen Rental
Teal Bengaline Napkin
Teal Polyester Linen
Teal Polyester Napkin Rental
Teal Satin Napkin
Teal Satin Table Linen Rental
The Crown
Tiffany Satin Napkin Rental
Tiffany Satin Table Linen
Turquoise Organza Overlay
Turquoise Polyester Linen Napkin Rental
Turquoise Polyester Napkin Rental
Turquoise Satin Napkin
Turquoise Satin Overlay
Turquoise Satin Table Linen
Ultra Pumpkin
Water Goblet
Wedding Rental Photo #1
Wedding Rental Photo #10
Wedding Rental Photo #2
Wedding Rental Photo #3
Wedding Rental Photo #4
Wedding Rental Photo #5
Wedding Rental Photo #6
Wedding Rental Photo #7
Wedding Rental Photo #8
Wedding Rental Photo #9
Wedding Rentals -Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC
Weekly Linen Service
White Bengaline Linen
White Bengaline Napkin
White Black Square Pattern
White Blue Square Pattern
White China Coffee Cup & Saucer Set
White Damask
White Green Square Pattern
White Organza Overlay
White Pink Square Pattern
White Pintuck
White Pintuck Napkin
White Plastic Folding Chair
White Polyester Chair Cover
White Polyester Linen
White Polyester Napkin
White Resin Folding Chair
White Rim Plate Set
White Satin Napkin
White Satin Overlay
White Satin Table Linen
Wine Glass 8oz
Yellow Bengaline Linen
Yellow Polyester Linen Rental
Yellow Polyester Napkin
Yellow Satin Napkin
Yellow Satin Overlay
Yellow Satin Table Linen Rental
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